About Us

Old House

We started a long time ago. . .

Wilford and Judy Salsberry were raised in the Lyons area and both graduated from Lyons High School in 1963. They got married in 1965 and they have been farming in Fulton County ever since. The Salsberry’s bought a small farm in 1965 that had several acres of high blow sand. After trying to grow corn, beans, and wheat on those areas for several years with no success they decided to plant pine trees. Each year they planted 500 trees and after 8 or 9 years started to sell them as Christmas trees. They have since added three shops and still plant new trees each year.

Recently Wilford turned over half of the tree farm to Andy Mattimoe and Jeremy Smallman. They had been helping for several years and have agreed to do more of the work. Wilford and Judy are most often working in their shop when it is open. They enjoy people and welcome everyone, even those who do not want a Christmas tree. Just stop in and say hi!  You will not be sorry you did!


First Planted Trees

These are our first rows of Christmas trees, planted in the early 70’s


Wannabe Christmas tree

“All I wanted was to be a Christmas tree. . .”


Trees with snow 2Trees with snow







An ice storm is bad news when we’re trying to sell Christmas trees. But it does happen more often then you think. It’s great to look at, but bad for business.

Santa and Wilford

Mr. Salsberry meets the REAL Santa