Our Trees

We offer a wide selection of mature White Pine, Scotch Pine and Douglas Fir.  There is also a selection of Fraser Fir, Black Hills Spruce and Norway Spruce to choose from.

Douglas Fir    This is the most plentiful tree on the farm.  The needles are short and soft and the strong branches grow in a relatively open habit with room for larger ornaments.  Generally they grow in a narrow to classic cone shape with a good leader for a star or angel tree topper.  The scent is sweet with citrus hues and may remind you of your favorite Riesling.

Norway Spruce    A recent introduction to the farm, this tree has short, stiff needles that grow on very strong branches.  The growth habit is open with room for large ornaments and they have a very strong central leader for your heaviest tree topper.  The cool, spicy scent places you into the highlands of the Montana Rockies.

White Pine    Not just for environmentalists, these huggable trees have long soft needles that are friendly for sensitive young fingers and pets.  These trees have a full shape and the long needles that give a dense appearance.  The branches are strong enough for most ornaments, though that lucky horseshoe your Irish cousin sent you last Christmas may cause a little sag. The scent is considered classic pine and will not disappoint those looking for a fragrant Christmas.  You may find that some White Pines have taken on a square shape (they are huge Huey Lewis fans).  These square trees are for square families.

Scotch Pine    Aye lady!  Billed as a classic Victorian tree, this is the tree for the truly style conscious. It has been a fixture on this tree farm since the beginning and has survived several of Nature’s challenges.  The trees are cone shaped with long, stiff needles growing on strong branches in a dense growth habit.  The trees have a mild spicy pine fragrance.

Fraser Fir    A contemporary and stylish tree that has been one of America’s most popular in recent years.  Short, soft needles grow on strong open branches for easy decorating.  The pleasing scent is nearly identical to that of the Balsam Firs of Maine’s Mount Katahdin.  The shape is narrower with a strong central leader for your favorite tree topper.  Most of these are still in their adolescence at 4-5’.

Concolor Fir    A tree of a different color!  Well, maybe a different shade.  Also known as White Fir, the needles of this tree become glistening silver as the tree ages.  A dense growth habit of strong branches with long soft needles will support your best ornaments.  The scent is deliciously citrus, being compared to orange or lemon juice by some.  Note: it smells more delicious than it tastes, don’t ask how we know.  There aren’t many tall Concolor Firs on the farm right now, but you will see many baby ones that will be ready in several years.

Blue Spruce    We aren’t sure how these came to the farm, but there are at least two or three mixed in.  The growth habit is dense with extremely strong and dangerously stiff, sharp needles, we recommend having some Band-Aids ® handy at decorating time.  The scent has been described many ways, with the most positive being just “okay”.

2020 COVID-19 Changes

We are open for Christmas Tree sales this year, but with hopes for a healthy holiday, our shops will be closed and payment will be accepted at the shop door. We will be selling tree stands, tree bags, tree funnels and tree skirts. We will also have saws to borrow, tree movers to use, and twine to tie down your tree and we will be disinfecting these shared items regularly.  There are 10 acres for you to enjoy while choosing your tree and we’re here with a smile to help you have a wonderful Christmas season!