Our Store

We have three shops at the tree farm.

Shop #1

The first shop is 12×50 feet and is where we greet our customers.  This is where you get your questions answered and pay for your purchases.  Also in this shop you will find a selection of gifts.  Most are related to Christmas but we also try to provide gifts which are enjoyable throughout the year.

Here is a small list of items you will find in this shop
Beautiful angels
Snowmen of all kinds
Even more Santa’s
Lighted items, many with lighted candles
Candle warmers of many kinds (some scented)
Many different Nativities for adults and kids
Complete adult Santa Suits (all priced to sell)
Night lights of many different kinds

Shop #2

The second room is 12×20 feet.  This room is lined with old barn siding.  At one end of the room you will find an original cast iron kitchen stove.  You will find even more gift items here, but even better you will find a nice selection of antiques spread throughout.  I have always loved antiques and have collected all my life.  Now I am sharing some of my antiques with you.

Here is a small list of what you will find:

Many glass items (some old, some just neat)
White cast banks.  Most given away from banks
Lots of granite ware.  Pots, pans and more
Some nice tin containers (coffee, tobacco, candy, chips, etc)
Copper items (tea kettles, etc)
Antique jugs (early)
Old scales
Hand saws, draw knives, brace and bits

One never knows what will show up.  If I find something throughout the year and I am willing to resell it, you will find it in this shop.

Shop #3

This is a 12×45 foot shop filled to its fullest.  Everything in this room will help you take good care of your fresh cut Christmas tree and decorate your home inside and outside.

Here is a list of items you will find in this room
Tree stands starting at $5 (plastic and steel)
Lights, even LED.  We will most likely have the lights you need
Tree toppers
Water funnels
Tree skirts of all kinds
Light cords of different lengths
Timers (off and on)
Power strips (inside and out)
Wrapping paper (large selection at a good price)
Wreath hangers
Table cloths

You name it, we have it.

We handle the same items of retail stores at half the price.  Just check us out and you will see.

We are only open 9 days and we have gifts priced to sell.  You will see that what you pay is much less than in department stores in the area.  Bring a friend and do your gift shopping with us.  There is something for everyone. Bring a smile and we will send a few extra smiles home with you.