Q & A

What should I bring when I get my tree?

1. Plenty of time.  Finding the right tree is not easy.  The more people you bring the more time it will take.

2. A saw.  This is a “cut your own” operation you know!  Yes, we do have saws for you to use.

3. Rope or twine.  So you can secure your tree on or in your vehicle. If you forgot some, don’t worry, we have twine available at no cost.

4. A smile

5. Oh, by the way. . . bring money! (Cash or check only)


Why don’t you have 15 foot trees?

Our tree farm rests on eleven acres.  We are able to plant about 1,000 tree per acre.  So if the lot is totally planted we could have 11,000 trees for you to choose from.  When we plant a tree it is most often only one foot tall.  We leave that tree grow on its own for about three years.  Then we start trimming and shaping each of those trees so that you can pick a nice shaped tree.  Each tree may grow as much as 18 inches in a good year but we must cut it back to only a foot so that we get a nice dense tree that you’re looking for.  When our customers cut their tree, they always take the tallest trees first leaving us the shortest ones for another season.  We thought that if we planted the lot full of trees we would sooner or later have 12-13 foot trees.  But it is not happening.  10-11 foot trees is about the best we can do, but with recent high demand for real trees, our trees may not even get to that height.  Did you know an 8-10 foot Christmas tree is 10-12 years old?


Why don’t you always answer the phone when you’re open?

The phone number you find on this website is our home phone.  We do not have a phone in our tree shop (remember: we’re open only nine days a year).  So if we don’t answer our phone, there is a very good chance we are at the tree shop taking care of our customers.


How do I take care of my Christmas Tree?

  • Place the tree in a tree stand that is appropriate for its size.
  • Do not place your tree near sources of heat such as a heating vent, fireplace, radiator or in direct sunlight.
  • Water daily.  The tree will absorb a large quantity of water during the first week so be especially watchful during that time.  Never let the water level go below the bottom of the trunk or else a seal of dried sap will form, preventing the tree from absorbing water.
  • For more tips, see pickyourownchristmastree.org